Suggestions to a client who made huge losses in intraday, futures and options

Post your suggestions hear. it will be helpful to traders.

Don’t double your position size on your next trade in the hope of recovering all the loss.


Follow 2% rule for losses.
Position sizing.
Trade the trend.
Use sl

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Loosing money is like taking you back to past. Loosing money in intraday might leave your trading account with zero or leaving 20% of your investment in any of the case. I recommend to take trades making intraday returns on only equity note that making 2-3% in day is huge thing . So if you had 15 good days and 5 bad days of trading, u still left with10 good days fetching you 20-30% in the month. so yes, it will take time to recover but this part of making returns will make your experience and observation in market more keen. Making returns on daily or monthly basis with decent returns is a good sign of investment.

Sell banknifty 25400 call and 24500 put …next weekly expiry… add with sell both side daily one one lot up to Wednesday … Close position last day of expiry at 3.15 pm.
Margin may be 5 lacs for four lot both side… Not a big amount you earn, but more chance to get profit … repeat next week … Next week…
You are in profit every week or less amount loss per week…
If trade pl … reply…

My suggestion
S.T.O.P. T.R.A.D.I.N.G