Suggetion : Biller option for a smooth SIP


While doing SIP directly with AMC I’m getting option of pay with biller option.
I go to my bank interface add that particular AMC as biller and in that way they deduct my SIP Amount from my bank on due date.

My suggetion to @nithin @Bhuvanesh @siva please add biller option for coin for a smooth SIP

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Yep, working on it.


Well from last 1.5 ye I’m getting response of “we are working on auto debit”.

Aakhir kB tk judge sab?

@nithin @Bhuvanesh


Almost there :slight_smile:


Tariikh pe tarikh ?


We are in the final stages of testing the mandates. Almost there. :slight_smile:


Sir, please make it available because it it to much blunder to manage Fund in trading accounts,
When you have 10 SIP 5 Weekly, 2 of 15 days, 1 tax saver


@Bhuvanesh ny update?


Mandates are now live on Console :slight_smile: We’ve explained the process to create a mandate here.


Thanks… now I will transfer my holding to coin
And yeah Why you people are charging ₹5 per transaction , when we do direct sip through AMC website they have only biller option that is free of cost irrespective of amount.


This cost is present in eMandate transactions. Currently, the only other alternative would be to absorb the cost.

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I am Looking for this option … this would be better form zerodha and client too @Bhuvanesh