Summer is here ☀

On our way to summer, the tensions around the world are already under heat.

Was just looking around to see what stocks in this season are a good pick for the short term. As the temperature begins to rise, we do need to have some checks on our portfolio for some cool returns between March to May/ June.

There have been companies that are much focused on the consumer durables sector due to the demand for the products.

Although the consumer durables industry is one sector that everyone looks at, are there any other sectors that can be focused on for the short term? Do share your views on the portfolio of stocks/sectors that you look at for this season. Also, what do you think about picking stocks seasonally, does it work?

Other sectors like Hotels, Tourism and Hospitality Industry (Holiday season) , IPL Season beneficiary companies like Jubl Food, Devyani, Zomatos of the world and power sector maybe ? (due to high demand) are some of the sectors which I can think of currently.

Voltas, Havells, Blue Star and other consumer durable co’s should obviously be under radar but I have been seeing and also hearing from some folks about summer not yet getting started (there seems to be a slight delay)

How is it at your end currently folks?

For short term, i believe the stocks can be picked seasonally given the revenues and growth increases due to high demand. Sectors like tours and travel, electronics basically gain demand.

Easemytrip has been holding pretty decently in the last couple of days.

Was just going through seasonal stocks and trends.

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This summer promises to be brutal looking at the temperatures n news like this in February. Imagine what the condition would be in May.

Let’s go voltas, havells, crompton, polycab

You go first this summer, and let us know by winter if it treated you well.

Do people still believe this bullsh*t? It’s summer so lets buy AC stocks! I thought we grew more intelligent with time

Believing in bullshit is not important, important is profit & more important is from where it comes.
And if this is a bullshit, then what about the rally of rail stocks before budget, rally of fertilizer stocks before monsoon, rally in HUL after first covid wave ( due to sanitizer & soap demand).

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All the best

Agree with @parthpahuja that one can’t blindly buy thematic stocks randomly.

But, there’s also one more aspect which kind of works. There’s already some news factored in the price (let’s say summer is gonna be normal or fertilizers will get budget allocation of 50k crore) these will be the base case scenarios n if somehow the news comes saying budget allocation for fertilizers is 1 lakh crore or summer is going to be longer and with more heat waves…then there might be a short term move in such stocks.