Super trend alert

Hi, I have a basic requirement. I want to get alert on super trend for a particular stock/index with a specific time frame.

For example SBI is having a super trend in green currently with a 10 mins frame when market opens. I want to get an alert when this super trend is changing to red with that specific timeframe. Is it possible? If yes what tool I need to use? How to use, does it need any coding? I have checked sentinel, but not sure if this is available. On streak I am. Not sure of how to use that facility.

I welcome the expert opinion

@Streak kindly assist

Hi @Sreeram_Ganeshan1,

You can create this type strategy in Streak. No coding is required for this.

Please write to [email protected] with the requirements so that the team can analyze and help you implement them.

Here is a simple sample strategy, you can backtest and implement in Streak.