Super trend breakout scanner

I want to find nifty 500 stocks, that breakout supertrend 7,3) strictly within last 12 months.
Someone please help. I don’t know how to put within 12 months condition.

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This one is on Chartink…it scans stocks which have closed above MAXIMUM supertrend(7,3). If you want to scan stocks closing above maximum Supertrend value for two years, you can change 252 to 504…

These are the few …

You can refer to the below image for the condiitons based on my understanding of your requirement-

The conditions will trigger an entry when the day candle close before 250 days was lower than Supertrend and the current candle close is higher than Supertrend, thus implying that the close has crossed above the Supertrend in any of the last 250 days.

Here 250 is selected as an offset because there are approx 250 trading days in a year i.e. 12 months. You can select the number of days/offset as per your requirement.