Supertrend indicator in chartiq and tradingview

Today while looking into chart, I came accross that supertrend indicator show signals differently in both chartiq and supertrend. My settings for supertrend are same in both cases. My candle interval is 1 mins.

Could you please explain why ?


The super trend uses Average true range ATR to calculate its upper and lower band value, we can observe a slight difference in super trend values because of the ATR value and ticks it receives on both charts.
you can add Average true range indicator on both the charts and can compare the difference.
On the above screenshot, we can see a few candles looking different because of chart ticks as indicators get plotted based on candles it forms using LTP ticks on live. so refresh both the charts and check once while you are comparing both.
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@siva and @nithin
The issue is same with old charts, like 3 to 5 days or last months. Issue is not only present in live chart, but also in old chart.

Atleast we need the way how the super trend is calculated in case of trading view. I already know how supertrend is calculated in ChartIQ.