SuperTrend showing & not showing Trend

I found a peculiar scenario today with Renko Chart and SuperTrend. As my SuperTrend parameters are 7,2, I should see a trend change sign after 2 boxes of trend change. But this didn’t happen in all cases today. I was checking Bank Nifty Jul Future. Please see below screenshot for better understanding. @Streak, can you please explain these different behaviours?

If trend changes in 2 Bricks the first time, it doesn’t necessarily mean the next time too trend change signal should be after 2 Red Bricks.

Difference in behaviour can well be pointed to the fact that price had moved far away from Super Trend line on each of the 3 occasions to break it in two Bricks and signal downtrend.

Also whipsaws in indicators is normal occurrence, they all work on mathematical numbers and sometimes even 0.1 point difference can be enough to not give you a signal.