Supertrend strategy creation

Here are my requirements. Please help me create this strategy in Streak:
STRATEGY: Call Buying strategy in BANKNIFTY
INDICATOR: SUPER TREND 7,3 and 10,3 and 11,2
Entry: When all three supertrend turns green.
buy ATM CE at market price
Exit: when any one out of three supertrend turns red or the position will be squared off at 3 P.M.
All orders are to be executed in CNC, not intraday.

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If they should be squared off at 3 pm, may I know why are you opting for CNC instead of MIS?

@Vasu_patel Is it possible to write a strategy where system itself gives us the appropriate ATM option instead of us selecting the required symbol before hand?

@trade4lyf Check out the image below to learn how to create the conditions:

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I believe he meant to square off the strategy at 3 PM on the expiry day if any of the exit conditions do not meet. Hence, I created the condition on that basis.

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Can you explain how this can pick ATM CE automatically?

@ValueIQ You can keep the offset as ‘0’ in the Dynamic contract parameter to select ATM strikes. Check out the ‘Offset’ section in this link: Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

Thanks, will check.