Supertrend vs others indicators

supertrend indicator has gained a lot of popularity recently and i have personally implemented and found to extremely great but the exits must not be made of supertrend.and signals after 12 pm or 1 pm are found to be damn successfull…in earlier days of trading say in 2009 - 13 have been associated with MACD STS and others but they all are really just a ray of hope and nothing to be with profitability…now my question here is any other indiactor good as like supertrend or any other indicators to be used together with ST???

i guess the only way to do this is, use the combination of indicators and back test through some back testing tool.

In my opinion, there is no better indicator than Supertrend in Trending market. However it works best in indices and not individual stocks. Beware to use Supertrend in sideways market.

What inputs are you using. I used 14 period ATR and multiplier of 3. Is it okay?