Support Code - Not easily available


When I call zerodha support, I need to provide a support code.
This code is deep inside the UI. I mean, you need to make 7-8 clicks to reach there.
Also, the path is not very obvious.

If I start from the Kite app, I need to perform below steps
Open Kite app->Login->Click on Account number->Console->Portfolio->Hamburger button->My account->View (Support code)

Support code should be more readily available. Either in support or Profile page.

Hope you take this feedback

Just by heart the support code, now no need to click all those clicks. Voila.

We don’t need it every day, hence hard to remember.
In this world of PIN’s and passwords, one less number to remember is better

You don’t have to go through this process. Once you login to the app, click on Account Number > Profile > Manage account > View Support Code: What is a support code, and why is it required to reach Zerodha’s support desk?

use a password manager

Thanks. That’s shorter. One I posted was given by zerodha support.

It would be much easier to find if its in Profile page. Whats wrong putting it in profile page?