Support Resistance and Trendlines not saving

Hi, I am unable to save Support Resistance Trendlines and Fibonacci levels on my charts. The moment I restart my computer they go away. This is making it impossible for me to trade. Is there a way to save them?

I use the Kites platform.

All the drawings (eg segments ,channels ,rectangles , horizontal line etc ) in KITE are saved locally in the browser.
Sometimes this is really frustrating , as all the study ( trendlines , support resistance etc ) made on several charts are just gone the next day .
I have been told by the team that it takes a minute to save the drawing , I tried that also , though it got saved for the moment , but after a day or two when you bring that chart up, your study has disappeared .
@nithin Sir Please help us out here .
Please make it save online in our account , as the Tradingview does or recommend us which web browser to use and the recommended settings so that the drawings are not lost.

If you are referring to drawings they will be saved once you have applied, no need to wait. Also drawings will be saved in local browser cache and will be deleted if one clears browser cache and will not be carry forwarded to another browser or another system.
Also note, as of now only on 10 different scrips drawings will be saved at any time, it follows FIFO method.
Indicators can be saved under views, views and preferences are saved at our server end so you can carry them to other browser and other system.

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Does the limit of 10 script apply to PI as well? Would be good to have studies saved for 25 scripts atleast.

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@siva @Karthik @nithin
Please increase this limit of saving drawings for only 10 different scrips ,considering that it is saved locally in our browser . These are generally used for drawing support and resistance ,channels etc and identifying chart patterns in after market hours and helps us in real time trading.
Several times I had tried to be disciplined and trade only on the already identified chart patterns in the weekend , but to my surprise when I trade in the coming weeks,all the study was gone(drawings had disappeared) and found myself taking impulsive trades.
I know this is just an excuse ,but saving trendlines will help me to better follow and execute my trading plans.
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May not be possible for time being but point is noted for future releases.

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Does the limit of 10 script apply to PI as well?

Not applicable to Pi.

Hi Sir, just wanted to know if the limit of saving drawings for 10 scripts has been increased in kite 3

Still the same, 10.

how many drawings can be saved in Pi?

@siva any updates or still 10 since 2017??

Still the same but on trading view one can use layouts to save, at a time 10 and on each layout one can save 8 scrips, it takes total to 80.