Suppose i want to cary positions overnight, but do not know how much amount I am falling short of funds. Is there a way to know that?

could be have an screen where funds needed are shown on a consistent basis within the software. at 3 pm one would be in a better position to transfer funds if he/she knows the amount

Hi Saurabh,

Don’t know if you’ve seen this calculator:

This helps you ascertain the margins required to carry forward positions. The best part is you can use this calculator to compute margins even if you aren’t a client of Zerodha.

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Yes venu, I am aware of this. I gradully want to build rather big and simultaneous positions in stocks. My previos broker used to give a credit period of one day . Say at the end of today at around 6 pm , i wud have got a call from my old broker to deposit xyz amount to take care of margins etc . But zince zerodha does not provide it , so feeling a bit confused