Suspended for my demat account

Hi sir my demat account suspended 3 month before the message
( Not zerodha account)
Who to next step .

We would like inform you of an important change in the Ageing Debit Square off process, namely, “T+7 Ageing Square off” which will be applicable to Margin Trading Facility (MTF) clients as well.

Current Process
Any ledger debit which is outstanding for more than 7 days in cash segment (NSE Cash + BSE Cash), is currently considered for Ageing Liquidation.
Revised Process
Any ledger debit which is outstanding for more than 7 days in ALL segments (NSE Cash + BSE Cash + NSE FNO + NSE SX + MCX + NCDEX) will be considered for Ageing Liquidation
Please note that your account R134949 is in Ageing debit of Rs. 1918.21 as on 16th Sept., 2019. Please pay to avoid Liquidation.
The Sequence of Square off will be as below:
For Liquidation, Pool Holding will be considered first followed by stock in Collateral account.
Square off sequence will be latest settled stocks from Blue Chip to Poor category stocks.

Example: The client has a ledger balance (across segments) of Rs. 4000. On Monday, he buys a stock worth Rs. 10, 000; the balance amount of Rs. 6, 000 will have to be paid by the client before the T+7 days else it would trigger a square off of an equivalent amount.

@VenuMadhav, Can you, please.

Who is ur broker…incase of icici direct they pay and keep in broker pool…later we have to square off in t plus 360 days…in between watever dividend comes first goes to broker but next day broker credit back that dividend

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SEBI has kicked in a new set of regulations according to which a broker cannot fund your delivery purchases arbitrarily. If there are any securities that are funded by the broker, he can wait until a maximum of 7 days from the date of purchase for the client to bring in funds, in the event that the client doesn’t bring in the required sum of money, the broker can square off such position.

Your broker is asking you to clear the debit balance in your account, that however shouldn’t result in suspension of your demat account. Please speak to the customer support of your broker and seek clarification on why your account is suspended. Also, do ensure to clear the debit balance.

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