Suspension of trading in shares of Mindtree on account of merger with L&T Infotech

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When will I receive my LTI share?

Is it really going to take 30-45 days?

The timeline is tentative. You might receive shares before that too.

roughly 8-10 working days after record date , you should get LTI shares duly listed.

My Mindtree 4 share purchase price is 4347 , please , anyone can tell me howmuch price willbe there for LtiMindtree.

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you will get 2 shares of already listed LTI …you will also get cash credit of 0.92 fractional share .
LTI is already listed which will change it’s name to LTI MINDTREE.

Those who bought mindtree stock at Rs 4867 will lose a lot of money because mindtree stock is much below the life time high. If you get 73 ltimindtrees instead of 100 mindtrees, it will be a lot of loss. Am I correct?

Your investment value will remain the same. You’re getting 73 shares of LTI for 100 shares held in Mindtree as price of LTI too is higher compared to Mindtree.

As explained above

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5 shares of Mindtree 3433x5=17165 for 3 shares of LTI 4906x3=14718

Will I get the remaining amount in my bank account?

Yes, but it will take some time. Check this out: Suspension of trading in shares of Mindtree on account of merger with L&T Infotech

for your 5 shares of mindtree you are eligible for 3 shares of LTI which should list in about 8-10 working days after record date which was 24 November.
you are also eligible for cash credit of 0.65 LTI which will be credited in about 60 days .
your purchase price of Mindtree has no relevance but share swap ratio .,

I had 5 shares in mind tree how honge get that?
Plz… tell me

I had bought 5 shares of Mindtree, when will I get them, I got the message last night, please tell about it.

Just scroll up the answer id right there.

still not receive lti mindtree, shares my demat account when is listing any adia

The shares of LTI have been credited to your Demat account with a temporary ISIN. You would have received an email from CDSL. These will show in Kite and Console holdings once the shares start trading on exchanges, the date is not known yet.

Update: The shares of Mindtree have been debited from shareholder’s Demat account and shares of LTI have been credited to the eligible shareholder’s Demat account. The tentative listing date for these shares is 5th December 2022, you can check this exchange notice for more information.

You will be able to see these shares in your Kite and Console holdings once they start trading on the exchanges.

Any fractional entitlements will be cash settled by the company directly to the shareholder’s primary bank account after the shares are sold by the trustee appointed by the company after deducting expenses as applicable and this can take up to 30 to 45 days from the time of the credit of shares.


What is the effect on Options positions on LTI now? What will happen to open positions?

As in do LTI open positions expire ? or do they become LTIM on 5th Monday Dec’22?