Swing trade for a living

Is it possible to use swing trade for a living?

Some people earn only from the trading. Yes, it is possible, but extremely hard and requires years of learning and patience.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m doing swing trade in nifty and crude, and doing it with good profit for last 6 month, i want to be full time trader but i don’t like intraday trade, Is swing trade good for full time trade?

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It really depends on the individual. You can be successful with just swing trading and others not.


Yes. Swing and positional in NF and BNF

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Thank you.

For FNO or Index, yes swing or positional is much better than intraday.

I think your strategy is good.

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Thank you. I’m just using simple ema crossover with rsi and money flow indicator. In hourly time frame.

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What Ema 's you use?

Are you planning to quit your job and take up trading full time?

I have another business, Yes i want to be a full time trader but not as intraday trader.

Its depend upon volatility, 9 or 18 or 21

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for swing trading 30 minutes per day is enough time for market, then where is question of full time traders. If you will watch the market full time then you will not be a swing traders. These are my personal view


@zy9599 You are absolutely spot on👍