Swing Trade help needed

Hi Swing Traders,

I need some suggestions around prioritizing trades.

What happens with me is, say i found 10 good patterns to trade (basis pattern or breakout) . I get confused which trade to take which not and i feel FOMO if i do not take it. I do look into risk to reward ratio but still not able to manage it properly.

Can someone suggest how should i priorities trades for a month?


You can create some kind of checklist , where there are multiple indicators / reasons on the list for taking a trade. And the stock which satisfies more of those , pick that.


Thse problems arise whn u dnt hv any logically strong system . How cn anyone find 10 setups at once . Do paper trading first

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Might be true. could you please share any logically strong system? or steps to build a strong system?

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How you select stocks for swing trade ? What is the criteria and how do you ideantify entry and exit points ? (I am new here๐Ÿ˜…)

do paper trading to knw wht you thinking is totally incorrect . keep gathering knowledge n strategy wl automaticly come . if you dng swing trading thn might b gud idea to think abt volume . stocks in which huge volume nt thr wont go up . someone wl strt selling frm abv n hit ur sl . keep 1:2 rr n apply ur system on atlst 500 charts n keep noting no. of times sl hit n trgt came . if 60% of times also 1:2 comes, thn strt trading with small capital n equal risk in all trades

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