Swing Trading returns

Please suggest me the amount of returns to expect each week in Swing Trading with an investment of 1 LAKH.
I wish to maintain a diverse portfolio with around 10-15 stocks.
I prefer to change stocks for 1-2 weeks with 6-12% price change in returns.

Currently trying on Moneybhai with planned stocks and would like to start practically.
Thanks in Advance!

Damn man,I cannot ignore this. Ask and you shall receive.

Damn man, I don’t know. But if someone guarantees you fixed returns, ahem in a week, do not walk but run away faster.

You made my day.

Hi Ronin, I wanted to know the % of returns in a month that can be considered as healthy
This is not in terms of making money but for a self assessment and monitoring myself with swing trading.

I was eager to know from the experienced as to how much price change returns are to be considered a good thing and not on the guarantee aspect which I know will not work in trading.
Well thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

With a mixed portfolio of Large + Midcap Stocks expect to see a 2% to 3% fluctuation (+ or -/profit or loss) every week. As you are long only (investor) nobody can predict your average weekly returns after certain period like 6 months or 12 months.

If mkt is in an uptrend then 15% to 18% is considered as a good or healthy returns/year.