Swing trading tools

Which is the best swing trading tools or screeners for searching uptrend stock please suggest me

When I started Swing Trading I used several types of scanners, filters based on Technical Factors.
After almost a year I realised, the only way to find trading opportunities is to look at them all once in a fortnight.
By “all” I mean the following-:

  1. Create a list of stocks based on fundamentals like average volume and market cap. (You can use tradingview or chartink) like mid cap above etc, to avoid small cap or illiquid stocks.
  2. Fix that list which you can update every 6 months or a year even.

Look at trading opportunities in that list every fortnight or every week or every month. (depends on you and your free time :slight_smile:.


Thanks for reply I like to use chartink can you tell me what you feed in technical chat on scanner because I’m new in swing trading and how much minimum amount required