Switching between TV and ChartIQ charts


It’d be greatly helpful if switching between TV and ChartIQ can be made per window, rather than per user. This would enable all traders to have different windows with different kind of charts.

This is so because some features of ChartIQ like OI charts are very helpful but not available in TV. However, some other features of TV charts like layouts etc are not availble in Chart IQ.


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Yes, same thought here. Hope they can implement it.

Agree. They should do it on mobile as well, there is so much space where they provide ‘View Chart’ option, they can remove that and add options to view TradingView and ChartIQ charts.

It is like that only, you should have tried it. This can be possible only on web.

Good feature. @siva could this be implemented on web.

Ah, I see.

It’s just a small switch in the URL:

Having the toggle under ‘profile’ makes it look like it’s a global setting.
A simple toggle on the top of the page might be more intuitive.

Tx anyway. :slight_smile:

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Already available on web.

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Is there a toggle to select TV data feed permanently. Every time I open a chart, it is by default Chartsiq. @siva

One can click on account ID and select my profile as below.

Drag little down and you will see preferences, select chartiq as shown, default will be chart iq.

Thank you