T+1 explanation

Hi all , i have purchased the stocks on 25th Jan , now the stocks shows as T+1 and it is 30th now and still T+1 . can please explain what it is ?

T+1 settlement is effective from 27th Jan 2023 onwards.

Since you purchased the shares on 25th Jan, it will be settled to your demat account by EOD today as T+2nd day (excluding weekends + 26th Jan Republic Day).

The T+1 settlement is applicable for all securities from January 27. Stocks bought on January 25, will be settled according to T+2 settlement cycle, so these will be credited to your demat account today since January 26 (Republic day) and Saturday and Sunday are non-working days.

Until the stocks are credited to your demat account, these will show in your holding under T1 quantity.