T bills "indicative yield" different on Coin vs RBI retail direct

Checking today (5 Sep 12:50 pm), coin is showing higher yield than what Rbi retail direct shows for T-bills.

also Coin bid closes earlier, which I assume is a buffer time to take order from coin user and later place the actual order with RBI. Is this understanding correct why the bid close time is also different?

We show the yield as per what RBI shows here. I’m assuming RBI is showing these yields as per the last traded prices instead.

The exchange timelines are a little different for RBI in order to process etc. We more or less follow the same timelines.

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We show the yield as per what RBI shows here

can you pls share the direct link from where you took that screenshot?

btw, Kite shows this in the small text below the table -

  • Indicative yields are annualized and based on the last traded price of G-Secs and SDLs on NDS-OM and are only for comparison purposes.

RBI website>Market trends on the left.

That’s for specific G-Secs and SDLs.

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