T0, T1,T2 in Holdings

Can we have T0 & T2 in Holdings please?
It’s showing T1 which is useful but can we also have T0 & t2? There are times I have been surprised suddenly huge qty showing up which was basically MIS shorting couldn’t be squared off. @nithin

T0 is essentially the trade date itself. Equity positions taken for Intraday show up under the ‘Position’ tab on Kite and under the “Admin position” window on Pi.

If you are not able to square off an intraday T0 position for any reason, they will start showing under T1 holdings the subsequent day. If you take delivery of the stock, it starts showing under T2/Demat holdings.

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In transition from position to t1, it’s t0. So, after market closure, till it becomes t1, it should appear as t0. Also, after t1, till it appears in Holdings it should be displayed as T2.
Otherwise it’s very very confusing. I have had issues with this often. When we have many stocks, we can’t rely on our memory & we need this info reflected accurately in one place - Holdings.
Do I make sense?

I bought CNC stocks on Monday 2nd April 2018 and plan to sell today (5th April 2018) as i was getting good profit. But it is reflecting as T1 stock. In this portal only somewhere I read selling T1 stock is bit risky.

Because T1 holdings are the shares which have been bought from the exchange but the delivery has not yet been received in the demat account.

So is it fine to sell T1 stocks?


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Hey @XD3789

If you’ve bought it on Monday, the stock would’ve hit your DEMAT by Wednesday evening. You’ll be able to sell it without the risk of it being short delivered.

Even otherwise, the risk of short delivery happening in BTST trades is less in stocks with high liquidity (for example stocks in NIFTY 50), although it could happen.

Hey thanks for reply, can you please elaborate.

Monday when i bought it didn’t show as T1 and able to place sell order. Today when i was placing sell order it was rejected.

Now the question remain same for me, is it allow me to sell ? if no, when T1 will go off?

I am new to this scenario, so trying to understand more.

Thank you,

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@Bhuvan my question got hijacked !
Also, can we have negative quantity also as T0, T1 (say T0: -100, T1: -200) in holdings when we have sold some shares please ?

@Neostar, I have the same doubt (or request to add T2). Since T2 shares attract DP charges as well, it would be great to have a distinction between T2 and delivered (realised) shares. @VenuMadhav, Please clarify and let us know if this is possible.

Din’t get exactly what you want, can you explain a bit more?

Thanks for the quick turnaround @siva-reddy
Let me make the question more clear.
Let’s say I buy shares of company XYZ on Monday (T0). The number of shares I have bought are available in Positions, right? Fair enough. On Tuesday, i.e, T1, they show up as T1, great. However, on Wednesday also it is shown as T1 - Please note that Wednesday is T2. If I sell my shares on Wednesday, I attract DP charges, right (Please correct me if I am wrong)? So, there is a distinction between T1, T2, and Realised (Delivered). However, from the interface or the apis we get only T1 count and Realised count. Please let us know if it possible to add T2 count in the interface. Or, is there any other way to get T2 count?

totally Agree with the need for T2 showing up on Wednesday.
As per current system, for the given example I see T1 also on Wednesday, and the realised shares only show up (without any T1) on Thursday

T2 means delivered, that is the terminology, the reason for Wednesday showing T1 is we get shares in the mid of the day, not before market opening.

yes, exactly… We receive notification of delivery only in the evening of T2, and the portal reflects this only on T3
hence the possible need to show T2 on Wednesday (the given example).

for many delivery trades done on Monday and many delivery trades done on Tuesday, all show up as T1 on Wednesday. So you see it becomes a little difficult to track what all T1 of Wednesday are from Monday, and what all T1 of Wednesday are from Tuesday

Hi @siva-reddy, thanks for the reply again. I do understand T2 effectively means delivered because the shares reach your demat account at the end of the day. However, as @bshubhranshu points out, and I completely agree, it becomes difficult to track T1 shares on Wednesday if you combine T2 with T1 till they are delivered. Hence, the necessity to show T2 explicitly. This requirement becomes a concern when one is considering BTST, as only T1 shares are eligible for BTST (avoiding DP charges) while T2 shares are not.

Hi @siva-reddy
Hope you could find some time to think about this request for new feature. Please let us know what you think or get me in touch with the concerned person.

This is not possible, T2 means delivered and if we do some changes in notation now it will confuse more number of users, I request you to manage from your end.

Exactly @siva-reddy . T2 means delivered. But, why do u guys show T2 as T1? It is wrong on your end. Please discuss this with your team if it is possible. Or, get me in touch. I don’t think it would be confusing if you add a split for T1 , which you are anyway showing a wrong number as you are combining T2 with T1.

But they are not yet delivered, we get them during the day, at the time of market opening we don’t receive them.

Hence the need of showing them as T2 (and not T1). We would then know that the following number of shares would be delivered towards the end of the day

Dude @siva-reddy, I get your entire line of reasoning. Please try to analyze with an unbiased mind. Let me explain with an example.
Suppose I buy 1 share of XYZ company on Monday (T0). Do nothing on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, when I look at my holdings, I would have 1 share under T1 (T1 = 1). This would mislead me (or anyone) to think I have 1 share up for BTST. But, as u know, selling that share on Wednesday would not amount to BTST and I would incur DP charges. Do you get the difference between T1 and T2 now? Hence, the necessity to show T2 separately. I am not asking you to combine T2 with delivered because I do understand it is not yet delivered. But, please understand the need to distinguish T1 from T2.
Hope you understand and escalate accordingly.