T2T sgement buy and sell on sameday


I have one question,

  1. Say I have 2000 HFCL in my Demat account
  2. I Sold 2000 shares in Morning
  3. Again bought 2000 shares at 3PM

As HFCL is in T2T segment would it be allowed?

HFCL (himachal futuristic ) is not in T2T but in normal group. you can do intraday.
NEVER never do intraday in T2T .it is not allowed and you will have huge ,heavy ,unbearable losses.

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Who told HFCL is in T2T?

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since you already hold share the same will remain demat as per the case cited by you since the share is not in T2T.

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Zerodha was not allowing me to do it some time back. I guess I should check it again. But Thanks!

Thanks for help