Tagging is incredibly slow and doesn't always get tagged

On console, I tag my holdings in the P&L section and also the holdings section.

Whenever I add a tag, it just shows tagging for 5 seconds. Sometimes it gets registered, while many times it doesn’t even get registered in the database.

When I open the same link in a new tab after 1-2 mins, to check if it was updated, half the tags aren’t updated.


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Why does kite not allow tagging of orders after it is placed at the exchange?

Orders are batched and updated on console only at the end of the day. So why does Kite not allow editing a order after it is placed and before it is updated on console. Tagging is a Zerodha feature so you don’t even need to update the order at the exchange right?

For intraday trades, adding a tag wastes precious seconds and I always forget it. When I try to tag at the end of the day in console, it is incredibly buggy and doesn’t always update. Have to do 3-4 times

Hey Vishal, tagging from the holdings page seems to be working fine, it may take a few minutes for the tags to update. However, we have noticed that tagging from the unrealized P&L section is not seamless. This has been brought to the notice of our developers and we will get it fixed soon.

Hey @Ruchi_Porwal , hope it was understandable from the first message that tagging is not registered, and not just slow. So please look into that too.

Also any possibilities of tagging the order after placing it in Kite, since it’s a Zerodha feature?

Any updates on this @Ruchi_Porwal ? Tags are still refusing to even register, rendering the feature useless. Thank you?

Hey Vishal, we were not able to solve this case in the recent deployment of a fix for this. There will be another fix deployed soon, let me update you here once it goes live.