Tags for Stock Holdings View on Kite

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Every trader purchases stocks (or other instruments) based on certain criteria. Say I like to hold a few X stocks for long term (atleast 5 years holding period) , while I may like to hold a few Y stocks for short term (3 months or as soon as profit/stop-loss levels are hit). I may also buy and hold stocks based on other technical criteria, like Average True Range or Fibbonaci.

As of today, the “Holdings” tab on Kite provides only a single consolidated view.
It may be nice to allow individual users a feature to define their own custom tags (say, I may like to use “LongTerm”, “ShortTerm”, “ATR”, and “Fibb” as tags).
Once I take a stock position, I should be able to apply one or more such “tag(s)” to that particular stock position. Similar to “labels” in Gmail. Accordingly, the Holdings tab should display that particular stock in that particular “tag” view.

For instance, I may buy HINDPETRO for Short Term based on Average True Range criteria. I will apply “ShortTerm” and “ATR” tags to it once my trade is executed. If I select the view as “ATR” from the dropdown, it should show HINDPETRO (and other stocks which have ATR tag) and so on.

This tag-based view feature will be a great add for allowing traders a view of their choice.

Will it be possible to add this enhancement to Kite?



We are working on something similar, will be available on console.

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Hi Siva,

Any updates on tentative launch of this?

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Looking for this feature as well. Would be very helpful.
Any idea when this would be available ?

Really great once done