Tanla Paltforms Buyback

Will the shares of Tanla Platforms bought on 9th Sept 2022(buyback decision was on 8th sept and record date not yet announced) will be considered for buyback?

Yes - as long as you hold the shares on the record date, you will be eligible for buyback.

What if the record date announced is of August 2022?

I don’t think that will be the case. As long as you hold shares of value less than 2 lacs as on the record date, there is a decent chance of some acceptance.

There is also no taxes on shares tendered in buyback because it is taxable in the hands of the company.

In that case, everyone will start buying at 875 (as of today) for a free bonus on 400 rs/share. Why would company allow this?

Technically, the company would like to see its share price going up.

But, not all shares will be accepted. They are only buying back 1.04% of the total equity shares.

Record date will take about 45-60 days minimum considering postal ballot approval e voting is required .

Not all but only a very small part of your total holding on offer will be accepted in buyback …although it is bit early to take a view on likely acceptance ratio (depends on market price at the time of schedule of buyback ) but assuming around present market price and size of issue , i am expecting about 10-13% in RESERVED ( up to 2 lac worth holding as per market price on record date ) and since promoters are not participating about 3-4% in GENERAL category .

20 October YEAR 2022 is last date to deal WITH BUYBACK eligibility…ex buyback trading from 21 October . Record date 25 October …market is closed on 22 , 23 , 24 and 26 October. buyback at 1200 per share .