Target didn't hit

cipla made a high of 612.98
and i had placed my target @ 611.45
but my target didn’t trigger
and my sl hit when the stock came down.
can anyone explain

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Hi @Chandrakant_kumbhkar,

Just because a stock hits a certain price doesn’t mean that your order will get filled. In your case, it seems that there we more buyers (like yourself) but fewer sellers at price 611.45. Those who placed the orders before you got priority ( and got filled) whereas your order was not picked. Therefore, it is important to trade during those times (mornings till 11:00 and afternoons 1:30 onward ) when liquidity is higher and there are lesser chances of this happening.

Also, I suggest to keep price targets nice round numbers (like 611 or 612 or even 611.5) instead of weird values such as 611.45 because people usually pick round numbers for their orders and hence the chances of getting filled at round numbers are higher.

Hope this helps…

~Neha (

I wonder if you have noticed at what time cipla has made a high of 612.9, I can see your initial order got executed after cipla has made that high, in that case how can your target will be executed.

Hello Friend

Cipla made 612.9 at 11:30 AM and you took Buy @ 11:38 AM as per your order book.

After You entered the position Cipla did not touch 611.45 but It touched 611.4 as per the chart.

Bad Luck !! You missed the target. Better luck next time.

hi, thanks for explanation !