Tata Motors and Ratan Tata

In 1998 Ratan Tata chairman of Tatamotors, produced their first passenger car named Tata Indica. That car had major defects and got huge backlash. Because of the huge loss Ratan Tata decided to sell his motor division so he went to US to meet Ford Motors, they had a 3 hour meeting during which Ford officials made fun of him. After the humiliation Ratan Tata cancelled all meetings and came back to India on the same day. He decided to keep the company and expand on it, Tata had other businesses which were majorly successful so he had no problem pulling money from them. Tatamotors invested a lot of money in r&d and with the help of government they manage to successfully produce good cars and the company grew tremendously. Then in 2008 Jaguar and Landrover, subsidiary of luxury car division of Ford motors were having major losses and Ford decided to sell them. Then Ratan Tata came forward to buy these two companies, just to fulfill his ego. Ford chairman Bill Ford said… you are making us a huge favour… Thank You… :wink: :wink:
While initially Jaguar & Landrover sales figure improved but now in 2018 Tata Motors making losses year after year, and their stock gave a negative 50% return in 1 year. Just because of jaguar and landrover. While Tatamotor’s own car division itself giving handsome profit yoy.
I do respect Ratan Tata for his philanthropic work but he is definitely not a business God or at least what people think of him.

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This is what the Ancestors of Ratan Tata Promised , which their sons never failed to deliver.

LIKE SUGAR IN MILK, Sweetening the lives of other human beings around them.

How many human beings keep up with their promises? Just a handful.

I agree, Ratan Tata is a kind human being… but Ratan Tata is now retired they need to let go the past.

do you have information about JLRs profits and losses from 2008 to 2018 ?

yes… money control… you can also google it… all the news channels are also saying the same.

yearly pfts of JLR is not there in money control…
if you google and find the data , probably you might change your view

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Thing is that , probably Tata company thinks, anything with 4 wheel is a car !!! In the past there was a rumor or controversy about Ratan Tata company, Tata Tea was paying money to NE- Separatist
here is the link

Tata Motors was founded in 1945 as a branch of Tata Group, TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) to manufacture locomotives. It collaborated with Daimler Benz AG in 1954 to produce commercial vehicles(lorries) in 1954 which ended in 1969.

know how tata indica became the car of India.