Tata Steel Rights issue application form not received

Hi everyone,
I am eligible for buying 12 shares of Tata Steel under the rights issue scheme. But unfortunately, I haven’t received the application form yet, to apply for it and have almost run out of time as the last date of form submission is 28th Feb, 2018. What do I do? Are there any alternatives to apply for it? (I tried doing ASBA on my axis bank internet banking but there is no option for rights issue application.)

You can get duplicate CAF here and if you or any of your friends have account in Canara bank or Bank of Baroda, use their online banking to register your DP id in ASBA and apply online. Account no need to be in your name… I think this is the only way you have right now…
How to apply online for rights issue, videos are here

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Hi. Thanx for the great help. But why is it that only BoB & Canara Bank provide ASBA for rights issue? Why not other leading banks like Axis or HDFC, despite the fact that they do provide ASBA for IPO? Thanx anyway.

Reason I do not know… I have accounts with SBI, ICICI, IndBk, CANBK, BOB. When I checked with these banks, I found only CANBK and BOB offering this facility. One friend in this forum helped me to know that HDFC too not offering. Other banks I do not know… If you have any other bank accounts and if you find them offering this facility, pl let me know, so that I could tell others. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

When i apply for an ipo I will usually get a message and mail for confirmation of my bid from NSE. But for this Tata steel rights issue I have applied after watching your video on how to apply for rights issue in canara bank (through Asba).

  1. But till now I have not received any message or mail confirming my bid. If you have applied for this issue using canara bank have you got any sms or mail.
  2. How to check / regenerate my bid application?
  3. When the allotments are going to be finalized by the company.
  1. In Rights Application, in earlier issues also I have not received SMS/Email confirmation of order. So, no need to worry. This is different from IPO.
  2. If you applied through CANBK, you can see in history/Applied Issues tab in the same page.
  3. Check in the CAF/LOF, normally it is 15 days from the closing date.