Tax return filing

If we have multiple bank and demat accounts, which is the best online tool/company to file tax return?

Are these only good for straightforward cases or they can handle complex scenarios like multi country income, NRE/NRO etc ?

I have been doing it through a CA but I need to provide all the info myself. Is there any online tool that can pull all the info from all my dmat and bank accounts and calculate automatically and file return? It shouldn’t ask for my password etc.

@Quicko can you.

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It is fine to have the filing from online tools etc. Howvever, online tools will always have their own limitations. As by doing it from CA or professionals, we always have a better reach and continous follow up of our queries even in case if we get stuck with some income tax notices and all…
However, at the end, its always depends upon on our own choice:)


If you have multiple banks and Demat accounts, you can use Quicko to import your trade data and file your returns. All you need to do is attach your broker’s sheet, map data with headers using the Excel Import Utility function on Quicko.

You can also look at our expert assisted plans for complex scenarios like multi-country income, NRE/NRO.