Tax Savings Fund

Can i claim tax benefits through investing in MF through coin platform

Yes from coin choose any elss category fund. You can save upto 1.5L but there will be lockin period of three years

If I start a SIP in elss. But instead of 36 installment i only want to 30 installment but want my units only after 3 years. Is it Possible?

The lock-in period for every SIP instalment is 3 years. If you are doing a monthly ELSS SIP, then lock-in period for 1st-month instalment is 3 years, lock-in period for 2nd-month instalment is 3 years from the second month, lock-in period for the 3rd-month instalment is 3 years from the 3rd month and so on…

Yes you can make only 30 instalments but each instalment can be redeemed only after 3 years from the time you make your instalment.

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Hi Sumiskh,
I have plan to open a SIP in DSP Tax saver, and I din’t find any lock in period in that while I was checking.
And If I want to get Tax benefit from this MF, from this year. What should I do?
Please clarify.
Awaiting your reply

Vinayak, it is an ELSS fund. You can download your tax-statement on Coin web