Tds deducted but not deposited by my employer

Indian railway have deducted tds in the year 2010 from my father account but still now not credited in my father form 26AS .While filling the Income tax return for 2010 he have maintained the total salary as well has claimed the tds amount as tax deposited. I have form 16 and salary slip for tax deducted from salary and complain receiving as my proof but I.T officer is demanding Tax from his side and all my it refund is not being issued.
He have complained several times to his Employer(Indian railway) but still they are not clearing the tax amount.
Need help what can be done from our side.

If you have form 16 then you will get the relief .

Back in the day, whenever an employer deducted TDS, he would have to provide details of these TDS deductions to a department of NSDL through excel records. NSDL would then manually update details of these to the Income Tax department based on which the IT forms would get updated.

Today, all of these processes (updating TDS etc) happen electronically which has drastically reduced the rate of errors. When the data was migrated from the manual NSDL systems to the Income tax electronic systems, details of certain TDS were missed to be uploaded which resulted in issues like the one you’ve stated.

However, to protect the interest of the Assesses, primarily because it’s the employer’s responsibility to the deposit the TDS collected, it granted relief in all such cases. There’s a specific ruling to this effect by the ITD:


Since your’s is a case of refund, if the ITO isn’t helping, you always have the option of escalating this to the Income Tax Ombudsman, however you must note that this is rather a lengthy process and can extend upto 6 months.

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we have already submitted my claim but still it is not being resolved. The IT officer is saying that “Voucher” deposited by employer is over claimed and my employer is saying that tax amount is already paid and adjusted but still all my refund are pending till now.
And also I am being charged of about 1% interest per month.
Can u please tell how to approach Tax Ombudsman ?

Would depend on your location, here’s the link from where you can find details: