Technacial Analaysis -Nifty & Stocks

Market take a good support to bounce back on exact support line @7874 , if its break 6821 is a major support for the market , this two support is best for investment , goverment also watching Nifty closely , they are also trying to announce the economy package at the major support zone also ,

no major downside from here , DII money other big institution will hold nifty @6821

if nifty falls to 6821 that time nifty 50 % fall from high , the same reduction is happended in 2008 also
6821 is the original value of the country its will match perfectly the current GDP also , best levels to invest in 7874 to 6821

Mr. Market will never RESPECT the rumours

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what was the reason for the rise today ?
Many are telling that it’s because of the lockdown and US trillion dollars package. But no of cases in US is skyrocketing everyday, specially in new York.
will this bounce sustain ?

NO market already heavily discounted , market will find a support , like 500 points + or - . the consolidation will take 3 to even 6 month also afterwards market will take a final decision

market have lot of support zone

1- FII money
2-DII Money
3-Retail Money
4- Government Support

now major falls are because FII pull out all the money in the world to remain cash , now the speed of downside is reduced , because already pulled out every money , DII money only holding the market. its will hold ,
when any one good news will come FII will pump money in low value then they will never sell upto the nifty will reach new high

FII are selling all in the profit only , they all are purchased when they are lower , when nifty reach high they sold ,
retail will never buy in low because of fear ,they think nifty will go to 4k or 2 k . when nifty reach lifetime high retail will buy more , retailer will always go against FII and support and resistance on market

Any bad situation , lockdown or whatever so , there is limit , there is support and resistance for the market
from here market going down is very low speed , already FII sold out , next page they want to buy ,
As a investor cum trader , i will invest from here , what prop and FII is doing i will do the same
those who are investing now rewards will be big , risk is low from here Any intelligent can understand , only Blue-chip and ETF is advisable to invest


First time FII bough share in cash

but more down expected