Technical analyse

I am doing stock doing for 5 years. I want to enter FNO segment… For the purpose I should have some technical knowledge, which I am lacking.

Can you please suggest me the requirements and the source to get knowledge in technical analysis.

Check out Zerodha Varsity’s TA module. All you want to know and more, offered for free -

There are other modules as well on Zerodha Varsity, check out -

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Thank you for prompt response.

I shall go through the same and enrich my knowledge.

According to me…

Leverage is risky, it will eat up everything you have.

There is no leverage ratio to set by ourselves like forex markets, zerodha offers good fixed leverage, where you have to pay just around 10 to 12 % of original value of shares and trade within maximum of 3 months .

Odds are against us most of the time in F&O and intraday because of greed & fear.

Once you have total control on emotions and you follow perfect strategy then there are chances of winning.

According to me aim for 1 % profit and -1.5 % stop loss which is safe.

Don’t trade with anger.Don’t trade often.

Yes you can follow zerodha varsity for knowledge.

Happy Trading !!

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Thank you, Manjunath ji.
I shall take your advise and trade cautiously and without sentiments.
Thanks for your feedback.

To have knowledge in F&O technical analysis, is Mr. T R Arulrajan(Extra)'s classes useful? If anybody known, please guide me.

I personally think that one doesn’t need to attend classes to learn technical analysis…u will get tons of books and sites if u Google for them…try YouTube too if u don’t want to spend time reading

Yes Mr. P R1743,
After reading your post, I decided to continue learn through, Zerodha varsity,other sources in web. Thanks for time guidance.