Technical Analysis - Options Trading

Dear all,
I am new retail options trader.
I wish to know, How do one use Technical analysis for options trading, basically for Intraday & Swing trading.
What technical indicators will you use on Options trading based on your experience?

Please share your experience.

Warm regards.


I’m a full time trader (The trading to pay bills type). I trade only BankNifty Weekly Options.

I use 2 trading strategies one Option Buying and the other Option writing (Either CE or PE depending upon market movement). Both are not related to each other.

I don’t use any charts. I feed price, volume, etc data to my excel and the formula’s are built in there, which tell me what to do (Buy / Sell / Stay away). Ofcourse the formula are based on TA funda like Heiken Ashi, few indicators, etc. I have slightly changed the standard formula to suit me.

I have started posting my trades for the day after market hours on twitter. Please follow my handle @AnanthaRaman19 for checking my trades (Both Option Buy and Option Write)