Technique to check technical glitch

Before initiating any trade, buy 1 share of any stock (example sbi) and then sell it after a few seconds. If everything works smoothly and the trade is executed properly then we can assume that the system is fine. This way, we can avoid trading if the system is not working and prevent losses.

What are your views on it ?


It does not work that way sir. If I take bracket order, the first leg will be executed smoothly, but u don’t have any control over the target and stop loss orders during technical glitches.

What if we manually exit our open position instead of waiting for target and stop loss order to get hit ? If our test trade was successful then the original one should also be successful.
Moreover we can also test using BO by placing stop loss and target order close and check if everything is fine.

Hmm, u r understanding is wrong. BO may work when u test, what if it doesn’t when u punch main order? I think I can’t explain more. All the best for Ur test and main orders.

See bro, I told you ! My technique worked today and saved me lots of money. I did test trade with 4 quantities of Tata steel and the order was not executed properly so I didn’t execute main order with larger quantitiy
Now I came here to see if anyone else is also facing the same issue and I found others also faced it but the admin unlisted that post

Yes seems to be a better option, seeing your money going down the drain Better to test with 1 quantity,

Feels like we are oms beta testers :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is Just Like, Let’s Buy Cars Tyres for Now and After Few days we will Buy the brand new cars.
Let’s test the car only By Tyres.

Only fools will do this.

What’s the problem in this ? It’s not buying tyres it is like taking the test drive of a new car before buying it.
You are a fool to think that we are buying tyres and testing it

The techical glitch today has cost me dear… there was an open position created on its own and I ended up loosing or for the matter frustrated to have my funds blocked for the time they are able to resolve the matter.
It seems like Zerodha and too many a problems and that FREE lunches end up more expensive .

@Naman hey you keep this foolish testing to yourself.
Don’t suggest this to new innocent Trader and make them fool.

OMG, what a Rally in SBI, let me Quickly buy 1000 shares of SBI.
Ohhhh, wait wait 1st Let me Test this foolish system. Let’s Buy 1 share.
(Do you think SBI will wait for my testing)
Here in market every Microseconds is valuable you fool.
Keep doing this testing to yourself.

i kept it to myself and saved money and now I am not going to trade with Zerdoha. I just shared my opinion and it is upto readers to apply it for themselves or not.
Also, you are mentally disturbed and need to take doctor’s help. So goodbye and don’t reply me again.

Yes, I am after this one share Testing :joy::joy:
Ohh GOD please Help them Those who are doing this 1 Share Testing.

I faced the same issue and my profit turns to loses.
and your technic of testing before buying will work for some traders who are not aggressive. but if you failed placing order during testing that means you are going to lose a winning trade… :disappointed_relieved:

Naman test trade timing and org order timings wi all differ. What will u do if sys goes down afternoon