Tender offer Buyback bidding + Tax P&L Report

@Nakul. @Bhuvan @ShubhS9

Why does Zerodha wait for last day tender shares for buyback. Apply on the same day when individuals apply in Console.

Problem like order failing or tech glitch happening on buyback closing day can be avoided.

Also, in Tax P&L Report, shares tendered in buyback needs to classified differently since these are taxed differently (0%) compared STCG & LTCG

Any reason for unlisting this ?

Hey @ManoranjanS, we are moving to an API based solution soon. This gives us two benefits – we get rid of file upload related issues and more importantly, we allow our clients to place/edit/cancel orders till 3.30 pm (Today, we restrict order collection till 2.30 pm, since we’ve to collate orders and upload them to the Exchange).

We’ve made the required changes for this in the next version of Console reports. This will be taken live soon.