Terms and conditions of Trading Q&A

I would like to know about the protocols of this platform. Many posts of mine got deleted by you. Some of them on the name of promotion and some of them due to other reasons.
My last post was on Nifty’s bottom level that got deleted.
I gave a counter reply of that post to know the exact reason of hiding the post. But no one replied till now.
I love this forum platform but I am facing difficulty to post a chart.
What is the exact model of this platform ?
Just random conversations which is already happening on many forums or to share the practical knowledge with logics ?
Please answer me . I am waiting for your reply .

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The Answer to your question lies your badge.

you are lucky that your account is still active and not banned.


Hi @tradersmantra

Definitely the latter one. But, we are firmly against self promotion especially one which involves others to pay money. It would be great to have you without promoting your website. :slight_smile:

Would request you to have a look at the community guidelines. We would love to see your insightful contributions on the forum :slight_smile:


A random conversation for you could be knowledge sharing for others.

Not a trader or an expert but to answer your question what is the exact model -
If anyone, anywhere, whosoever, has a query on finance in general, stock in particular and Trading to be specific can ask their queries in this site. Nobody is a follower or a leader in this forum.

Users here will give a reply if they know the answer in a polite and professional manner.

This is what the site does. I have learnt so much from this site. Yes on occasion during reply, there will be casual chats as well. One other topic which should be read by every one according to me is "Stock Market Humor:. Try visiting this topic, it keeps us all smiling.


My luck is my luck , None of your luck.
LOL :sweat_smile:

Anything other than Elliot wave theory is allowed here. :hugs:

So Wycoff is allowed, and not Elliott :grin:

More seriously, although i have not read his work, people i have learned from hold wyckoff in good light.

What makes you suspicious:
Your profile
Your username
Your links.
Your website
You addressing yourself as “we”.
Your annoying self-importance.

Actually everything about you.


A spaceman has to fly to space, otherwise he is just a man :grin:

So all of TA is substantiated, but AFAIK it may not work in all market conditions as a whole and just like adjustments in derivatives, TA practitioners are also on their toes with stop losses, or they may have to wait for longer periods as they are not wrong but are early. A chart looking strong with out any doubt at the time of buying may tank the very next day due to a fundamental change. But as with a lot of things, the deeper the knowledge, the greater the predictability with TA too.

Sounds like a fight between male and female characters in an English romantic movie, right before they split :grin:

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