Thank you Team Zerodha for accepting ELSS as collateral

Thank you Team Zerodha ,

You made my Diwali super sweet by accepting ELSS funds as collateral .

Not expected at all , I kept trying like every month and Pheewwww this time around CDSL accepted .
I was seriously contemplating to shift to SGBs because with SGB i can get 100% liquid plus 10-12% return per year , but ELSS giving me around 13-16% return but I want best of both worlds .

Thanks alot Collateral Team and Higher Management of Zerodha and Kite for allowing this . It might look small but for my kind of people its a huge difference as we are salaried and ELSS is best option to save tax.

P.S: one req for Tech team - Please allow Iphone widgets

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ELSS funds can only be pledged for collateral after they have completed the Lock-in period of holding (each individual investment). The ELSS that you hold will not be accepted as it could be in lock in period. We will remove the ELSS schemes from the pledged list as we are working on a mechanism to get the lockin data from the depository and then accordingly allow those unis that have completed the lockin period.

@Neelesh Mine Lock in completed and accepted as well . I am thanking zerodha for accepting the pledge .

I have one doubt in case if I have normal SIP mutual fund how the pledge will be accepted ? coz every month i have to do the pledge ?

You pledge in quantity. You can pledge what you have. Rest you can pledge again after SIP.

You’re right. We’ve recently started accepting ELSS units as collateral for margins in F&O segment. However, only approved & free ELSS units will be accepted. We’re working on displaying free ELSS units on Console for users to be able to pledge seamlessly. Till such time, you’ll have to view your free ELSS holdings by either referring to the monthly holding statement you receive for your demat account or by logging into CDSL’s easi.

Here’s a support article that guides you on how to access easi to view your free ELSS holdings.


I think thats also cleared , it is clearly showing how many units are locked and how many units are free .
Hassle free and very smooth .
Thanks alot again .

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I’m guessing you’re referring to the holdings on Coin. I was talking of displaying this on Console from where pledge is initiated, but yes you can refer to coin holdings too :slight_smile:

A small example of how not giving personalised replies
lead to unnecessary back n forth…

To b fair this particular case isn’t really an issue but plenty of support replies lead to frustration…