The All New Fully Option Chain by Sensibull

Hey Guys,

It gives us immense joy to showcase our new option chain here.

So what is in it?

  1. Build a basket order and trade directly from option chain
  2. Set Whatsapp alerts on prices
  3. Much More Data
  4. Fully customizable columns
  5. Custom strike range
  6. Thee modes - Small Medium and Large font
  7. Real-time Market Depth
  8. Illiquid Options Indicator

We would love to know what you think and incorporate some of the feedback! Thanks for reading this

Team Sensibull

Here are some screenshots


Yeah, noticed this in the morning. Previously, the Nifty/BankNifty indicator used to appear in the top left automatically. Now, you have to scroll up for that (though in your images, it’s appearing where it used to). Small thing, but it saves time when you’re in a hurry…

Hey @SachinSingh

Thanks for this. Noted. We will bring it back

Really nice. Thanks.
Just a nit pick, small font is too small actually.

Any possiblity of an option to skip 50s strikes? Example 11950? This could clean up option chain a lot.

It is there in Settings

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Thank you, just noticed (Multiples of 100s) and enabled it.

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