The App Login Code/ Two Factor Authorization

Hello everyone,

Can someone please guide me with this little issue. Every time I log into my Kite Web App it asks for a 6-digit login code that shows up in the app, but when I type the code as is in the given time limit it gives me an error. Even if I do as asked and type in the exact numbers.
Since this doesn’t work, every day I have to get an OTP on my phone and only then I’m allowed on the web app. It is getting super annoying!

Does anyone else face this issue?
Is there a way for me to disable two factor authorization so I can just login to the Kite web app with the password that I have set for it? I can’t seem to find the option.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Hi @Sharma1, the App Code/TOTP authentication may fail if the time on your phone and PC is out of sync. You can correct the time by selecting the ‘use network-provided time’ option in your device settings as explained here: Why does Kite show an Invalid TOTP error?

Ok thank you @ShubhS9 hopefully it’ll work now.

But is there a way to disable this so I can just log into my kite web app on my laptop without the need of my phone?

Yes, you can use external TOTP apps and enable TOTP to log in to your account. Some of the TOTP apps like Authy and Bitwarden can be installed on your laptop/desktop too. You can check the process here: How to login to Kite if the mobile is lost or if a mobile is not used?