The convoluted and complicated corporate structure of Anil Ambani's Reliance group


Was reading this article on FT and this image which shows the holdings of Anil Ambani was just mind-boggling.

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The article also makes for an interesting read


I think such structures are par for the course for most promoter-led conglomerates. The one thing I did find unusual was the top level entities also carry the Reliance name - these usually have very generic or unrelated names and located off shore (or at least have off shore holdings) to serve as a optical dissonants for regulators / journalists such as these.


This is like, someone own’s too much, they reach a stage where they can’t even keep track of what they own.

Good to see, the Ambani Brothers really find pride in keeping the Reliance Brand name to everything they work for.


You mean like this? I cant understand, why they named one of these companies as Ethical construction?


Yes, exactly. You will see this in practically all conglomerates. Ïnfra" “technologies” are the oft used descriptors for these non-operative holding cos.