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35+ Interviews of best Traders in India. More than 150 question and Answers. What’s their Trading Strategy ? How did they become a Successful Trader?

When Money control approached me for this Interview, I downloaded all previous interviews of traders like, read it line by line, so that i can also share information that is useful for aspiring traders.

I realized that there are tons of useful information in every interview. So I decided to prepare a free ebook like Market Wizard, that would pick the most important elements in every interview & share it as single reference pdf every trader can make use of.

All info in one place. Learn from the Leaders! All your favorite Traders knowledge in one place. Download your free book here. The Indian Market Wizard - Free trading ebook


Hi KirubaKaran,

I am learning the point and figure charting and trading system. And fortunately I found the interview of Mr. Prashant Shah. In fact I am learning the method from his book on Point and Figure charting system. His book is in-depth and a must have comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning and analysing the instrument through the point and figure charting system.

Thankyou for you efforts and a novel concept of interviewing the best of the crop in trading and investing on the Indian grounds.

Keep up your efforts.
All the best and good wishes.
Happy trading!