The Ken as finshots to users


since finshots and the signal is free and part of zerodha espically finshots.
why dont use add the ken also.

many investors like me cant afford other than basic version as we are students or just started out.

just like steak.

one more suggestion is more detail portfolio analysis with ticker tape and tijori.
let stock analysis be paid

but as i told last time get fundaments, revenue of stocks etc, ratios. we have to go and look intio other app for the same.

Let me preface this by saying, it’s incredibly hard to build a sustainable news business and even harder to make money in media. Having that, the two examples of Finshots and Signal aren’t really apt. Finshots is from the same guys that offer Ditto and the newsletter isn’t their primary business. Signal is an example of what I said about media being hard. They wanted to monetize with advertisements and haven’t been able. As we speak, they are getting acquired by another company.

As for Ken, my own personal bias is that good information should be accessible to the masses but that’s not realistic. What the Ken is doing is with subscriptions is the right thing and that sadly means, some folks will be priced out. Think of it like the FT and The Economist—quality is pricey. I wish it were different. I even wrote a giant personal rant on this because this is a topic that I feel strongly about :frowning:

Coming to your question, It’s not possible for Zerodha to subsidize Ken. If you are a student, they offer a 50% discount btw

We’re doing this btw. Give us bit of time. We’re working on something.