The New Design looks Very Good and Interesting

Good Work from The Zerodha Team. The new design is very cool :+1:


i think its not user-friendly as before !

The new design is good in a way that:

  1. Users can now scroll through more recent topics.
  2. More search results , can sort results by relevance.
  3. The messaging feature has now been activated.
  4. Can now login using google and facebook accounts.
  5. Emoji introduced, mobile friendly.
  6. Less spam etc etc.

I guess once we get used to this in a day or 2 , this could be more productive.


Yes, indeed… it looks good, sleek and easy to operate… will take a little bit of time to get used to… I want to see that the spam posts don’t come again after this migration to new system… :innocent:

HI its user-friendly as before