The sad state of technical glitches at Zerodha

Not only technical glitches in trading, it happens for payouts too. I placed payout request on 1st Feb Thu, no payout on 2nd, raised ticket #20240202882406 on 2nd night. As of now no response. Disappointing state of affairs @ShubhS9

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Hi @Pk308, sorry to hear this. Checking this. You will have an update on the ticket shortly.

Same here. Trusted zerodha for a long time. I feel that they have categorised clients and I feel that, they are into PFOF’s activity, which unfortunately beyond the scope of small traders to research more about. There is no quantification of grievance addressal.

I have attached my recent glitch in zerodha experience.

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Always issue with payout, have experienced it lot of times, they don’t settle the funds same day if withdrawal order is put on same day, hoping to get payout next day morning. They are just psychologically playing with margins of retail traders

Hi Karma, do check this out. We are enabling instant withdrawals also soon.


Hi @Pk308, I believe our team updated you over the ticket and this was resolved.

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Yes, Thanks.

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What’s the use? I am sure day’s settlement happens next day around 8 pm. Lot of times when I had profit for that day, I could still see funds being not settled until next day 7.30 AM. This especially happens when I apply for withdrawal on the day of profit. Profits cannot be used on the same day nor can u get the withdrawal of profit next day becoz funds are not settled on same day and carried fwd to next day morning and I get the ledger next day afternoon. Standard msg from zerodha, withdrawal is rejected becoz of unavailability of funds, infact you guys didn’t settle it same day and don’t like to help ur clients to get the withdrawal next day around 5.30 AM.

@ShubhS9 @Meher_Smaran

Didn’t wanted to create a separate thread for this and waste time, just wanted to let you people know how pathetic you support works. Ticket No : 20240202862588

Sorry to hear this, @Yogarajan_V

Will get this checked

I told to let it go and close the ticket, but your support team is either so arrogant or ignorant or I don’t know what to say. They are testing my patience. If Someone who is really responsible from Zerodha can answer

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Hi @Yogarajan_V

I’ve DMed you.