The sad state of technical glitches at Zerodha

It is understandable to have minor technical issues once in a while.

However, with the ongoing technical issues daily on the Kite platform, any serious trader can’t trade on Kite anymore.

The sad part is none of the Zerodha team is addressing the issue.

It is sad to see the slow death of the Company I had admired for so long.

I hope it is not too long before they address the issue and regain trust among traders.


On social media - please raise support ticket
after raising support ticket - please refer to IBT guidelines :smiling_face_with_tear:

only a matter of time until some big takes them to court and sets a precedent for retail
Idk how well deficiency of service can be defended in consumer court

Really bad customer support


Zerodha is a dead man walking for any serious professional trader. I find Dhan the next best alternative.



Only the next-best right?

Only a fraction of the total user base is impacted, right?

Most importantly - Are the same set of people facing the glitch every time??


Hmm, this I think zerodha says because they don’t want to accept that everyone is facing issue

I call up my friends in north, west, east and south india, they face issues alike
You can check yourself if the complaints are limited to one state or two from the user tweets


What’s happening? Saw this in trending!! Should we worry about this?



People are enraged about their customer support behaviour and lies!
Big time the management notices it and rectifies themself quickly before it blows out of proportion

Myself having 4 accounts with zerodha in my family, now thinking to move the main ones out because what happened to him today can happen to me tmrw. Its a pity that a company which I held high in my mind for ethics has dropped to this level


This is scary and what if this happens to me tomorrow is making it more scarier. I see no response from Zerodha team as well. Keeping quiet till this fades away or something like that strategy? Is this that 4mbps line issue or something that happened with BSE, similar issue or not?


There is a constant glitch (happening on most of the glitch days) on zerodha where this scenario happens

You have position A, you try to exit under normal case the green confirmation pop up card comes.
If rejected, red colour pop up comes

But under some conditions, yellow card comes, which doesnt update our positions neither show that if the order is punched / rejected. Here is where many people start panicking and punch multiple exit orders which becomes a naked buy position (assuming initial position was a sell) with multiples of the number of orders punched

Now zerodha will claim that their systems are working fine, but customer punched because he was seeing this yellow card /no proper confirmation card or positions updated properly after punching order


In that video is that guy sitting left bottom is from Zerodha team??


Looks like it


This is still trending in Twitter, i think keeping quiet till it settle is also a strategic move bois.


There are issues with tickertape as well which zerodha doesn’t acknowledge, Initially I thought it was my internet connection but there are many complaints on the same issue on Twitter. Some like me are stuck with Zerodha because it is not an easy process to migrate to other brokers, especially if it is CDSL to NSDL.

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From my experience, my 2 cents: It is a fantasy to migrate Brokers. At best, one can spread across a couple of them. This will still not mitigate risks at other levels like local, exchange, infra issues etc.

The only way to minimize risk is into a trade with risk mgmt using hedges or spreading orders etc. Even then, initially entry can be risky.
Alot of times there are issues when punching orders in first few minutes of mkt open with every broker etc

Moral of the story, keep adapting as the risk is inevitable. Only position sizing is bulletproof. If one is deploying 100% vs 10% at one go, you know what i’m saying.

The technical glitches are inevitable.
Negligence towards it is the problem.
Bad customer support is the problem.

Even the RCA and other details on last issue is pending. Still waiting for the RCA to be updated.

Before the “glitch-era” there were so less glitches even on 3G connections. I doubt the lack of motivation builds up when you are in the top of the throne.


Exponential growth exposed limitations is what I feel. They probably are wary of that, which is why they are afraid to add features quickly.

@nithin often talks of Technical Debt, wonder if they are reeling under it already…


Saw this latest data on brokers downtime and compliants related on twitter

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@YS_Bhargav Please donot compare with the complaints, many won’t complaint for technical issues.


Sadly true.