There is a lot of confusion about various future contract expire date, and how do we know about it on Zerodha or on NSE site, please explain elaborately

There is a confusion about various Future contract expiry date, many same contracts are having 2 different expiry dates, please explain elaborately and how do we find out about it on Zerodha or on NSE


All Nifty Futures and Options contracts expire on the last Thursday of the month. If the last Thursday happens to be a holiday, then the previous trading day will serve as the expiry day.

With the introduction of Banknifty weekly options, not only will you have a monthly Banknifty option expiry but you will have an option expiry every week on its Thursday.

For the month of Feb 2017, Banknifty monthly options will expire on 23rd Feb which is the last Thursday of the month. You will also have Banknifty weekly options that will expire on 2nd, 9th and 16th Feb.