Things we are reading today - 17th January, 2023 - A case against optimisation, inequality, AI and Tesla

Chill bro, give yourself some space

In this era of life coaches, pursuit of optimisation and perfection it is so refreshing to see someone saying: Chill bro, give your self space.

We love the idea of productivity hacks because it is so seductive to think that you are just one adjustment away from achieving outrageous success. But that’s not the case. The only way is hard work and giving yourself the space to do it.

But my success has also happened because I’ve given myself space. I ignore all the extra things I’m “supposed to do” that I mentioned above so I can pursue something called afflatus. Afflatus is a Latin word that refers to a sudden rush or inspiration, seemingly from the divine or supernatural. Moments of afflatus are euphoric and intoxicating. When they occur and I create output, I always end up happier.

You are probably in the top 10% of India and that’s sad

If you earn Rs 25,000 a month you are in the top 10% of India. Congrats. Time to reflect on the immense inequality in India.

If an amount like this comes in the top 10 percentile, then the bottom-most condition cannot be imagined…the benefits of growth should be equally distributed.

As per an Oxfam report titled survival of the richest, the richest 1% in India now own more than 40% of the country’s total wealth, while the bottom half of the population together share just 3% of wealth.

My job at risk?

One of the requisites about my job is that I share the things we at Zeordha are reading with you. But AI is also fairly capable of doing the same, much faster and without cribbing.

Tough times for Tesla

Tesla’s aura as an elite tech disrupter dims as EV competitors multiply and improve their offerings and people are beginning to ask a very simple but important question:


You’ll own nothing and be happy -WEF