Things we are reading today - 29th March 2023

ChatGPT’s analysis of Europol’s latest crime report highlights increasing cybercrime trends

ChatGPT, an OpenAI-trained language model, examined Europol’s most recent annual report on organised crime and discovered rising tendencies in cybercrime. The research emphasises the increasing usage of bitcoin for criminal purposes, as well as the rise of ransomware attacks and online scams. ChatGPT’s data also reveals that hackers’ methods are growing more complex, with AI and machine learning being used to automate attacks and elude detection. The research warns that cybercrime is now a huge threat to individuals, corporations, and governments around the world, and it asks for stronger collaboration between law enforcement and the private sector to combat it.

South Korea announces $770 monthly payment to families for one year

The South Korean government has unveiled a plan to offer 1 million won ($770) monthly payments to each household for a year. The action is intended to enhance domestic expenditure and provide relief to families affected by the current Covid-19 outbreak. The funds will be paid in two stages to households in the bottom 88% income bracket, with the first round beginning in August. According to the government, the programme will cost approximately 13.9 trillion won ($12.4 billion) and will benefit approximately 14 million households. The announcement comes as South Korea faces an increase in Covid-19 cases and additional activity limits.

French banks under investigation for their role in CumEx and CumCum tax schemes

This article discusses the ongoing investigation against the French banks BNP Paribas and Société Générale for their suspected participation in the CumEx and CumCum tax schemes. The techniques involve buying and selling shares soon before dividend payments to exploit a tax loophole, resulting in numerous tax refund claims. The probe is part of a broader European crackdown on similar tax strategies, with some nations already taking action against individuals and financial institutions. The article also highlights the potential consequences for French banks if found guilty, such as large fines and brand harm.

California faces potential flooding due to heavy snowmelt in San Joaquin and Tulare regions

According to a recent report by the California Department of Water Resources, significant snowfall this spring may cause flooding in the San Joaquin and Tulare regions of California. According to the report, the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains is 145% of its normal level, which could force rivers and streams to overrun their banks. This might result in property damage, road closures, transportation and agricultural problems in the impacted areas. The situation is being closely monitored by state officials, who are advising citizens to take precautions and be informed about potential flooding dangers.


Guess we will see many other countries follow this trend soon.